Quality is our standard, safety is our priority


Duobond® was founded in 1984. The company recognised the potential of windshield repair and teamed up with insurance companies. Since then insurers have offered windshield repair via glass repair companies. Duobond® was the first company to develop glass repair systems in Europe and since then has been the leader in quality, reliability and durability.

We produce all our windshield and glass repair products ourselves, in accordance with European standards. Our resin system was tested by MPA NRW and we have BS AU 251:1994 Category: A approval. Our resin is also approved by the Netherlands’ Foundation Sustainable Repairs.

Scratch removal from automotive glass
Duobond® has also developed a clean, easy-to-use system to remove scratches on site that occur prior to or during the initial windshield installation. Such damage often occurs during transport and can delay a timely delivery and put profit margins at risk. After four years of development we successfully introduced the Scratch a Way® system. This makes it possible to remove these scratches from windshields without optical distortion.


Duobond® works continuously to improve its glass repair systems. How can we make things more efficient, faster and better? How can we make the technician’s work easier? This was the drive of the founder and continues to be the drive of the current owner.

Iris replaces the traditional repair bridge. The platform accommodates various functionalities, such as UV LED lighting. In addition, Iris has space for the injector and a magnifying glass. Iris is user-friendly, energy-efficient and future-proof.

Cutting vehicle windshields loose has never been so easy. The RL-eez enables you to cut vehicle windshields loose in a controlled manner, with very little physical effort. The risk of paint damage is minimal, and damage to headliners, upholstery and dashboard are a thing of the past.

Scratch a Way®
Scratch a Way® provides a clean way to remove surface scratches from glass. This allows you to avoid delayed delivery of a car, bus or truck, for example. A surface scratch on a window in a car, bus or truck that is almost ready for delivery? Use the Scratch a Way® system while the window remains in place. The only thing produced during polishing is a bit of foam (the polish), which does not splash and is easy to remove with a damp cloth.


Duobond® is a fully independent manufacturer of systems for:
•  windshield repair   •  windshield removal   •  scratch removal

Duobond® supplies these glass repair systems to automotive professionals around the world. We develop and produce at our location in Oisterwijk (NL) Where we than assemble all the various Duobond® windshield repair tools and the RL-eez windshield removal system in-house. Many of our products are patented, and that’s something we are very proud of. Glass repair with Duobond® systems and products is a durable option, without any loss of quality or safety of the glass. It is our firm belief that automotive glass is often replaced unnecessarily, while stone chip damage and surface scratches can be easily repaired. Our repair resin meets the highest standards, including those for health. Working with Duobond® resin is safe for technician and driver.

How does this benefit you?
• Reliable and consistent quality
• Replacement parts always available
• Expert advice

Quality is our standard, safety is our priority.
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